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We’ve brought positive changes during my eight years on San Leandro City Council and now I ask for your support to be elected to the Oro Loma Sanitary District Board of Directors. In San Leandro, the fiscal responsibility we’ve achieved has earned San Leandro top financial ratings following the Great Recession. In my work for the County of San Mateo, I’ve spearheaded projects that brought innovation and improvement to the quality of life for residents. I will bring my experience and leadership to this role.

Climate change is a growing threat and Oro Loma Sanitary District must lead in collaborating with agencies around our region while keeping our water resources clean for our future. We will accomplish this through public outreach and education on environmental sustainability. We will look to smart innovation to bring efficiencies and cost savings for our ratepayers. Through my advocacy work, I’ve built consensus and relationships on these issues at the national level so I will continue this advocacy work on the Oro Loma Sanitary District Board.

The science that run the Oro Loma Sanitary District will continue to guide us to a better tomorrow and I am committed to the science to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Please vote Benny Lee for Oro Loma Sanitary District 2020.


Benny Lee
Councilmember, San Leandro City Council
Candidate, Oro Loma Sanitary District Board

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